Monday, June 15, 2009

Chicken Dinner Anyone?

A few months ago the Sister Missionaries told my sister that they wanted to butcher some chickens..... So my sister arranged for it to happen. When we got wind of it, we decided that it was something we'd like to see. One of the sisters said she was going to save the feet, paint its toenails and make a necklace for their Mission Presidents wife (who HATES chickens). They were really funny girls. We had a blast hanging out with them for for a few hours. I guess the next day (which was a Sunday) my sister cooked the chickens for dinner and the missionaries came back over to eat them... YUM YUM!
Tyler decided that he wanted to butcher a chicken also...... He did a good job. Its good to know that someone in our family has acquired this skill.... If we ever have to revert to living off the land, Tyler will be our official chicken killer!