Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tyler's race pictures

Here are some more pictures from Tyler's race......

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The BIG Race

Tyler's Pinewood Derby race was on Tuesday. We were given his car kit about a month ago, and he was so excited to make his car. Unfortunately I am a BIG procrastinator, so we didn't start working on his car until the Saturday before the race. I'm sure the car would have been better if we would have put more time into it, but considering the amount of time we did put into it, I think we did a good job. Tyler picked out how we were going to cut and paint the car, and with a little help from Grandma and Grandpa Bigler we were able to put it all together.

Tyler had a blast at the race, and his car did REALLY good. He took second in speed. It was wonderful to see him light up each time his car won a race. I was also proud of the fact that he had a good attitude when is car didn't win.