Monday, January 25, 2010

What a snow! I cant believe how much we got. I have never seen so much in my life! Last week the kids had a late start on Tuesday, then the fallowing three days school was canceled, all because of the snow! It was so fun to watch it come down. The kids had a blast playing in it. My sisters kids came for a two day visit so that they could play in it too. We have a hill by our house that the kids had fun sledding down. Brian and I even spent a morning sledding down it. I will be so sad if anyone ever builds a house on the lot at the base of it! I'm sure one day it is bound to happen, but for now we are enjoying it!

Christmas 2009

This was my gift from Brian! I love it! So far I've made rolls, bread (both white and wheat) and cinnamon rolls. All of this has added to my own rolls! Next year he will have to get me a gym membership to go with it!

Christmas day 2009

Wow! Christmas went by so fast this year! It seems like we had just put up our tree and BAM it was over! It was good though. We went to a few Christmas parties (one week we had three in a row). We spent time with people we love. We enjoyed having our tree up and the warm feeling we had in our home because of it. We shopped and shopped and shopped. But most of all we felt the spirit of Christmas, which is love. I love Christmas. I hope I can fell it all year as I (hopefully) keep my new years resolution and make some homemade gifts throughout the year in preparation for next year.

Christmas Eve 2009

On Christmas Eve, Keith and Donna came over to see us. They got ALL of us a pair of PJ's. I was especially excited because normally I get the kids PJ's for Christmas, and this is the first year I forgot. I love Keith and Donna. I could never fully express my appreciation toward them. They are so good to us!

Callie and Jacob

Callie and I had fun putting this hat on Jacob. He started sitting up by him self when he was about 4 1/2 months. So he was able to pose for these pictures without being held up. Every time I look at him without clothes on I crack up. HE IS SO CHUBBY!

Look at me and.... SMILE!

Eric loves to play with my camera. Lately I've had to hide it so that he doesn't play with it when I'm not looking. On this particular day, I let him take some pictures. He decided to take one of this snowman. Before he did, he said to the snowman, "Look at me, look at me." (so I turned the snowman toward him) "Now smile!"
What an obedient snowman!
Eric took this picture

Then he asked me to take this one of him.

Happy baby

Jacob is such a happy baby! He smiles for almost anyone who looks his way.

Three reasons why I love his smile:
1. His chubby little face almost swallows his eyes when he smiles really big.
2. His sweet little dimple shows.
4. He makes cute little noises when he smiles.
I am so lucky that I get to see his smile every day..... It makes my day brighter. Just knowing its there waiting to come out makes the sleepless nights (a little) easier! That's right sleepless nights. This boy is not sleeping at night. He is the first baby I've had to not be sleeping all night by now. Oh well, as long as he smiles at me during the day I think I can get through the night!

Jacob's 4 month check

Jacob's 4 month health check found him to be a healthy 19.1 lb boy. He is a BIG baby!

Halloween 2009

I'm not sure where the time has gone.... but here I am trying to play catch-up with my blog again!
Halloween was a blast! Eric was soooo excited to be a tiger, we got his costume about a month before Halloween, so he had a lot of time to play with it and get pumped up about the big day. Jakey was a monkey..... He looked so cute with his BIG cheeks filling out the hood of his costume. Tyler was a vampire (again) I think he looked even better than he did last year (practice makes perfect)! And Callie didn't really want to dress up... It was the first year in her life that she didn't. She is growing up way to fast..... it makes me sad! In the end though she, along with her friend, Emma wore masks and went trick-or-treating together.