Wednesday, September 29, 2010


On Monday I had my mid pregnancy ultrasound. Brian and I were able to pawn the two little kids off and go together (the other two were at school). Brian, Callie, Tyler and I were so sure it was a girl, but we still looked forward to having our feelings confirmed. Much to our dismay however, as we looked on the screen during the ultrasound came something we were not expecting..... BOY PARTS!

Brian and I laughed.

Callie cried.

Tyler was totally fine with it.

Eric is excited to have another brother to adore him (like Jacob does).

Jacob is a very oblivious 14 month old.

So, even though we were very surprised we are also very excited..... Even Callie who is starting to accept the idea.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smells of the holidays

For dinner tonight I tried a new chili recipe. It turned out to be REALLY yummy. The "secret" ingredient in it is allspice. I put a little of it in my hand and then added it to the pot. My hands now smell like Thanksgiving/Christmas! I cant wait for everyone to get home (to our messy house ;) so that I can feed them this yummy chili and then beg them to help me clean.....

Its been a long day, and I am quite tired.

If you are up for a new recipe...... try this one.

The allspice will make you fill all warm and fuzzy inside. I love the holidays.