Tuesday, March 12, 2019


6 weeks ago we welcomed a new baby to our family... Brian and I debated for over 2 years about having another one.... We had excuses like:

Six kids is PLENTY. Life is just too crazy. Maybe after we move. Maybe after we settle in more. Maybe after we get more done on our house. Maybe after we get back from Italy. 
There were SO many maybes. And between each maybe was a long space filled with a quiet whisper of hope and love. We couldn't always hear/feel it though. When life would get stressful we'd loose sight of it and feel like it wasn't meant to be. 
Then one day we decided to take a leap of faith and see what would happen. Well a few weeks later we learned that we had a baby on the way. I'm sure he was waiting for us to put our maybes aside and let him come. I'm so very happy we did. The pregnancy  was long and hard. The labor was fast and hard. But I learned that from some of the hardest things come the sweetest blessings. So welcome to our family Eason Holland!