Monday, September 28, 2009

Hammy The Pig

Poor, poor Hammy! Here he is, livin' life. Being fed and cared for by this cute girl (aka Calllie) and before he knows it BAM he finds himself at the fair being sold to the highest bidder. So sad... But on a brighter note, Callie did a great job with her pig this year. Hammy won third place in his class. Then was sold for 2.75 a lb. He weighed 249 lbs. Callie is going to put her earnings toward her collage fund. Good job Callie!

Jacobs Blessing

Jacob was blessed on the first Sunday in September. His dad gave him a very sweet blessing. Grandma Bigler made him the cutest blessing outfit I have ever seen. And lots of family members came to share this experience with us. It was wonderful!

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Happy B-day Tyler!!!

Tyler hit the big #9! On his birthday he invited a few of his friends over to have pizza and play some games. He had a fun day and even got the gift he had been asking for (an ipod). Happy B-day Tyler! I love you!!

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Go Team!

Not long after I had Jacob we had the missionaries over. As we were all sitting in the living room, Eric came running by, my pump pressed up to his mouth yelling, "Go team! Yahoo!". What a creative little man.

Getting ready for church...

I love this picture... Not because Brian looks like he trying to breastfed, but because he was teaching Tyler how to put on a tie. Tyler wanted to learn so bad, so all morning he fallowed Brian around, practising. Tyler finally has it down now.
Just think Tyler one day you will be on your mission, putting on a tie every day, and when I'm thinking about you I can go back to this picture and remember the day you learned how.

Hanging out at the Biglers

This was Jacobs first trip to the Biglers. Nick and Jessica were there with their new baby, Camden (who is two days older than Jacob). Keith had fun holding them both. He is such a good Grandpa. It makes me feel good that the Biglers treat all of our kids so good. We are lucky to have them in our lives.

Baby Eric

A few days after Jacob came home from the hospital, Eric decided he was, "baby Eric" and he wanted to sleep in, "baby Jake's" bed...... So he did, and it was really cute!

Jacobs 1st REAL bath

This was Jacobs first real bath. It was a little scary, but nice to have a clean, sweet smellin' baby when it was all said and done!

First sponge bath

Jacobs first sponge bath was fun. Callie helped me. Jacob didn't like it much though :)

First day home

When we got home from the hospital, before we even went into our house we went over to see great grandma Bigler. Her house is next to ours, but because of health problems she had been staying with her son. (She came back to visit, and attend a family reunion) She left shortly after we went to see her. I'm so glad we got to spend some time with her, for myself, and especially for Eric. Its good for him to spend time with his family.

first day home

This is the first time the kids got to hold Jacob. Because Jacob was sick in the hospital, they were not able to see/hold him until we got home. Boy, it was nice to be home!


This pictures says a thousand words. Eris is such a good napper, he sleeps for 2-3 hours every day. He also LOVES sports. So, for him to fall asleep with his ball and glove in hand is so Eric. I bet he was dreaming about a big green field.