Monday, January 26, 2009

Eric, Eric, ERIC!!!

Last Thursday was a crazy day for me. Right when it seemed like I couldn't do anything right, I went to take Eric out of his chair and I noticed his hands were a little dirty. Which was odd because since it was the first thing I noticed when I went to take him out, I definitely wouldn't have missed it when I put him in. Anyway, I noticed that whatever it was, was also wiped on his shirt and pants. So, I did the mom test and smelled his hand. Yuck! It was POOP! So, of course I got sick while I cleaned him up. Some how the poop seemed way worse with me knowing that Eric had eaten with poop on his hands, and when I smelled his hands they touched my lips!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tyler's Hunting Trip

Last week My dad and brother took Tyler camping/hunting. They went somewhere around Thatcher. Tyler had a blast, and came home dirty, dirty, dirty! Thanks Dad and Sam for taking him.... He is now anxiously waiting the next trip :).

P.S. I'm sorry I having posted anything for a LONG time. I haven't stopped taking pictures though, so I will try to play catch up later.

P.S.S I'm pregnant! I'm due on August 9th, which makes me 9 weeks today. We are very excited to add another little boy or girl to our family.