Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be my valentine?

My 4th grader, Tyler came home from school yesterday and said, "mom, we need to go to the store and get candy for my class party on Monday."

-Long pause....

"Ummmmm, and we need to get something like chocolate for my Valentine."

Well I was a bit taken aback and asked how he acquired this, "Valentine". He said that he asked her. Apparently all the boys in his class asked girls to be their Valentines, after all its just something kids his age do, he says.

I thought it was a bit funny. I went ahead and let him get her something, but I plan on keeping a close eye on this situation. A very close eye!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The end and the beginning!

So here I find myself once again, at the end of one stage in life awaiting the beginning of a new one. Pregnancy seems so strange to me. To think that I have a little person inside of me, is kinda weird! I wonder if he knows things I don't know, like what his life will be like, or even little things like what the color of his hair and eyes will be. I wonder if he has said good bye to people on the other side, or if the vial will be thin enough for him to maintain a relationship a little longer......

A littler longer...... Those three words seem huge to me right now. I have three more weeks until my due date. I have never made it quite that far, but this time I hope I do. I hope he can stay put until his awaiting family can get over their sicknesses. I hope while I wait a little longer I can clean a little, rest a little and spend a little time with the children and hubby, who are all waiting a little longer with me.

So this pregnancy for the most part has been uneventful. I never got morning sickness like with all of my others, which was a major blessing. Brian and I have talked several times about how we sometimes forget that I'm even pregnant. (Up until the last month or two anyway. Now I'm so big that it would be hard to forget!)

Yesterday a couple good friends had a "food shower" for me. Although I would much rather be invited to someones party than to have one of my own, it made me feel special and loved to have these friends help stock up my freezer with frozen dinners for after the baby comes.

Well, I feel bad that I have been bad about keeping this blog updated. I seems like time is moving so fast.... But I wanted to record my feelings at this stage in my life. I know that my life will be forever different in just a few short weeks from now. It seems so surreal. I'm a little scared of labor and delivery (like I am every time). I remembered being so worried before I had the last one and it ended up being my best labor/delivery. So, I hope this time around it turns out the same.

I hope.