Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was just looking for something online and I came across this picture. Its of a 21 week gestation baby. He is having surgery while still in the womb to correct a spinal problem. It was a little extra touching to me because I am 21 weeks along. I guess during surgery the tiny little baby reached his hand out and grabbed onto the surgeons finger. Isn't it so amazing that his little hand is so perfect that early in pregnancy? I posted the link below, just so if anyone would like to read the story behind the picture.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holy WIND!

It is such a windy day! I would rather it be windy any day of the week besides Sunday.... and today is, Sunday. Walking into the church building, Callie and I were holding our skirts down, hoping they wouldn't fly up, and luckily they didn't. The way out was much the same, only a bit different because as we let go to open the car doors POOF up they flew. Not only the front or back, but the whole thing! This happened simultaneously, and we both flew into the car, booth horrified and laughing at the same time! Luckily, we were the only ones outside because we left a little early (Callie had a headache). Unluckily, there was only one person sitting in foyer by the window who could have seen the whole thing. I wont mention any names (just in case HE didn't see)!!

To my Dad

Yesterday I went to Snowflake and spent the afternoon canning with my Dad. My dad loves to cook and can and spend time in the kitchen. I love this about him. On my way home I started thinking about how well rounded he is. Some of the things he loves to do include: gardening, building things, working on his year supply, hunting, fishing, hashing politics, traveling, and cooking (he can even make bread). These are only a few of the things he does regularly. I love that he is interested in all of these things because I know that I can go to him for help and advice. I also know that he would do anything within his realm of possibilities to help me.

When I was a kid one of my favorite things was to spend time with my Dad. Fortunately for me he was patient enough to let me tag along to many of the places he would go. I especially loved to go with him to work (he had a drywall business when I was young). He was always so willing to listen to me talk and talk and talk.... Now that I am a parent I truly appreciate all the patients he showed toward me when I was a kid and also now that I'm an adult.

I'm so happy that I got to spend some time with him yesterday. It seems like time is flying by so fast right now that I don't get to spend nearly enough time with the people I love. Thanks Dad for your help yesterday! I love you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Brian's new BIKE

After my ultrasound on Tuesday, Brian and I stopped to look at bikes. (Brian used my bike a lot last year, so he thought it would be nice to have his own.) We must be really BIG suckers or something, because we not only ended up buying him a bike, but Eric got a trailer too! It was really cute to listen to Eric tell everyone, "I have a trailer". I'm really excited we got it too, because now he can come along with us when we ride. Also, there are two seats in it! This will be convenient because in no time at all we will have another little one to take along. Callie and Tyler are also happy we got it because now we will be able to ride as family.

We had to pick Brian's bike up the next day because they needed to tune it up, and he thought it would be cool to ride it home from Show Low..... I wish I could have recorded him talking about how excited he was to do this. He even went as far as to say he was going to ride his bike to Utah to see Brett and Deni this summer! I cant help but laugh when he says things like this, because I don't think he has a clue how hard that would be! Well I guess when he was saying it he didn't have a clue, but now he does..... After he was done with work the next day, I took him to Show Low and dropped him off. I don't think he left the shop until around 5:00, because they were still doing some work on his bike. Then I went to Walmart to do a little shopping. After that, I went to Jack in the Box and got him one of his favorite things: tacos, 6 of them, and just before I caught up to him at around 6:45pm I stopped and rolled all the taco rappers into our car windows. Then, as I reached him I slowed down and took a big bite of a taco. Now, you have to understand that by this time, he had been riding for 1 hr and 45 min.... He was almost half way home and he was cold and tired. He seriously gave me the funniest look I had ever seen! Then he made me pull over so he could eat the rest of the tacos (he LOVES Jack in the Box tacos). I offered to take him home, but he refused because he had already bragged to his class about riding home. About an hour later though, he called me because it got so dark that the car lights on the road were blinding him. Keith Bigler was the hero of the night because he took us in his truck to pick Brian up. Brian's bike computer said he rode 27 miles in 3 hours. Which is good considering that it was his first ride, he had to go up tons of hills, and part of it was in the dark. He hasn't talked about riding to Utah anymore though!!!

Posted by PicasaBrian after the BIG ride

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big NEWS!!!!

Okay, so today was a big day...... It was actually a very anticipated day by everyone in our little family. It was a day that we knew would give us insight into how we will need to prepare for our future. It was the day we found out that we will be having a......


Happy St. Patrick's Day

This year Tyler's teacher, Mrs. Elsworth has rallied her kids into getting excited about St. Patrick's Day. For the past few days, Tyler has been talking about little else. So before I went to bed last night, I messed up the kitchen, turning chairs and other things over. Then, I put green sprinkles all over the counter tops. His reaction to all this was really funny. He was the first one to go into the kitchen, and when he saw it he freaked out! To say the least, he was a very excited little boy all morning... saying "do you believe in Leprechauns now?".......

Well do you? I'm not sure if I do, but I have always loved St. Patrick's Day. But then again I love all the Holidays around this time of the year. I'm sure that Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter will always turn me back into a little kid.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi

This weekend we had the privilege of having Elder Kikuchi come for our stake conference. He is such a great man. I truly loved listing to him speak. All the other speakers did really well also. I cant remember the last church meeting that I enjoyed as much as the two conference meetings I was able to attend this weekend. (Not that I'm saying I don't enjoy most meetings).
Its funny to say that I was actually dreading this conference, because on Wednesday night we were asked to say the prayers for the Saturday night adult meeting. This may sound silly but the thought of praying in front of all the adults, made me really scared. So ironically the time between Wednesday and Saturday flew by, and before I knew it I was walking into the Taylor Stake Center. Before the meeting started, Elder Kikuchi walked around to shake hands with some of the people. When he got to us, he first talked to my Brother-in-law, Cory (who was sitting by us). This was how their conversation went:
Elder Kikuchi: "Are you from Hawaii"?
Cory: "No".
Elder Kikuchi: "Are you Samoan".
Cory: "No".
Elder Kikuchi: "Are you from China".
Cory: "No".
Elder Kikuchi: "Then what are you".
Cory: "Indian".
Elder Kikuchi: "Are you Navajo".
Cory: "Yes".
Elder Kikuchi: "Well then I will say to you the only Indian word I know, Yat-ta-hay"!
And then he proceeded to tell us that "konnichiwa" means "hi" in Japanese. After that he shook our hands and moved on to the next row. I'm so glad we were able to have that funny experience with him.
The meeting that fallowed was amazing. I felt the spirit so strong as I listened to each of the speakers talk. I think that the fact that I was going to be praying at the end of the meeting helped me to listen more carefully..... I particularly enjoyed listening to Elder Kikuchi speak. He said some really funny things like, "If you want to be more romantic, you need to eat more rice".... He also said some serious things, but when he started talking about the life of Christ and the atonement, he spoke as an apostle of God, and it touched me so deeply.
He was the last speaker, so at the end of his talk he asked if he could change the song to, As I Have Loved You (that may not be to correct name of the song). He also asked who was saying the closing prayer. I kind of raised my hand, and others around me pointed my way. He then asked me to come up there so I could be ready. This really embarrassed me, and played a key roll in me not remembering anything I said in the prayer. I learned during conference the next day, that he must do that quite often because he did it to the poor girl who said the closing prayer.
Stake Conference was really good also. Toward the end of Elder Kikuchi's talk, he told of his conversion story and even now when I think of it I get goosebumps.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Weekend

About a week ago Brian and I watched the movie, "Taken"... It is one of those movies where you are on the edge of your seat the whole time. I actually need to use the bathroom about ten minutes into the movie, but I held it until the movie was over, because I didn't want to miss anything. (In my pregnant state, that is big for me :)) So, it was really good... but scary too, because I know that that people are taken for the very purpose portrayed in the movie. In fact on the same note, I recently learned that Phoenix has the 2 most kidnappings in the US. So, between watching the movie and learning this, I feel a strong need to be a little more protective of my children.

Anyway, to get to my point..... Callie was invited to go snowboarding with a friend on Saturday, which meant I needed to take her to her friends house at 6:30 am. Well, 6:00 rolls around and I couldn't hear her getting ready. (Callie is really good about getting up on her own.... she's definitely a morning person.) So, I get up and go to her room, turn on the light and.... no Callie. Sometimes she will go sleep by Tyler, so I looked in his room..... again, no Callie. I quickly look through all the rooms upstairs without finding her. That's when I notice a light on down stairs, so I figure she is down there. I walk through all those rooms, and find no sign of her. So I run up stairs, completely freaked out. I wake up Brian and explain to him how I cant find her. He asks if her snowboard and gear is still here, I say "yes its in her room". He jumps up and runs back toward her room, and I decide to look downstairs again............ Lets just say I felt dumb when I found her asleep on a couch that I had walked past 2 minutes before! I woke her up, and she said she had set the alarm on my phone, but it must not have gone off... I still feel a little dumb for that one. But for a minute I was scared out of my mind not knowing what to do. I feel so bad for all those parents who have experienced that kind of fear without finding their child two minutes later.

Now for the rest of our weekend. At noon on Saturday we went to a b-day party for Brian's nephew. It was fun to get out of the house and visit with other people for a while. I even tried my first ever hot dogless hot dog. They had hot dogs at the party and I didn't think my preggo tummy could handle one, but I was starving.... So I had a bun with everything on it but the hot dog. It would not be my food of choice, but it wasn't too bad!

After the party we went home and Eric and I took a nap. I got up before Eric did so I hung out with Tyler for a while. He and I decided that we needed to do something fun that night, so after we picked up Callie from her friends, we went to Pizza Time for pizza, then we rented a movie that we could all watch together. Tyler was the only one who ended up staying up for the whole movie. Callie, Eric and I fell asleep, and Brian got distracted doing something else. Good job Tyler for staying up!!!

On Sunday I was released form my scout calling... Which is a little sad because I really did like working with the boys in my group. But it was a blessing also because its really hard to do... because it conflicts with my babysitting. It was also hard at the beginning of my pregnancy and I'm sure it would have been hard at the end. After being released for that calling I was called to be the enrichment leader. I'm sure I'll enjoy doing that because I had that calling a few years ago when I lived in Snowflake. Brian and I still teach in the Primary also. So I'm sure we will still be as busy as ever.

Sunday night Keith and Donna Bigler along with Taya (Jessica's little girl) came over. We were all happy to see/visit with them. Eric loves Taya, so anytime she is around life is great for him. Donna brought us some really yummy cinnamon rolls too. They are soooo good. She takes such good care of us!


My brother, Sam also came over and ate a late dinner at our house Sunday night, and then stayed the night. It is so nice when he is passing though and can spend some time with us.

Monday morning: Callie, Tyler and Eric all ready to face another week!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Last weekend was our anniversary.... I cant believe that a whole year has already passed! I guess that's a good sign right? I'll take it as one.... Because all in all it really was a good year. It was a little tough for all of us at times to get adjusted to our new life. But I'm happy that we were all willing to do our best and make it work out. For our anniversary we went on a weekend trip to Las Vegas. Brian had never been there so we had fun checking everything out. Although we had a good time, it was kind of sad also.... just seeing how so many people there are lost, and stuck in a pattern of making really bad choices, made me grateful for the life I have. With that in mind, I'm going to list some of my favorite things about the past year.

1. Student teaching at the same time as Brian. That was great because we taught the same grade and it gave us a lot to talk about!
2. Graduating from college.... I had fun walking, knowing that I wouldn't have to drive to Snowflake to student teach any more. It also was big for me because I knew I completed something I had worked really hard for.
3. Our trip to New York. It was such a spontaneous trip. We planned the trip two days before we left.
4. Riding my bike around Heber (with and without the kids). I think Heber is so beautiful, I loved riding around, checking everything out. I'm looking forward to being able to ride again after I have my baby.
5. Planting a garden. Last year was my first real garden. It didn't turn out as well as I thought it would, but I'm looking forward to improving it this year!
6. Watching Callie and Tyler make new friends here in Heber. I know they were kind of worried about leaving their friends back in Snowflake.... So it has been so great to have them make new friends here.
7. Making new friends myself.... I've loved all the new people I've met here and new friendships I've gained.
8. Watching Brian start out his first year of teaching and seeing how much he loves it!
9. Finding out that I'm pregnant.
10. Finally getting over the morning sickness!!!
11. (This really is number one) Tyler's baptism. It was so special to watch him take the first step in his life long journey of getting back to our Heavenly Father. It makes me feel so peaceful every time I think about it.

I really have had a good year. There where so many other good things about it that I didn't list.... I'm so grateful for Brian, and the good person he is. I'm grateful for Callie, Tyler and Eric; and that I get to be their mom. I love them all so much. I'm grateful for all the people that support and love us. Life is Good!!!

Blue and Gold Banquet

Last week was the Blue and Gold Banquet. Tyler was especially excited about it because he had been working extra hard to pass off some requirements. For every three requirements they pass off they get a yellow bead. He had six done so he was able to get two beads to wear on his shirt. Tyler is such a good little scout. He is blasting through his book and will be done with his wolf in no time!

Dinner and a Show

A few weeks ago we had some friends, along with the missionaries come over for dinner. After we ate, one of the elders played us a song. Eric left in the middle of it and came back with his own little instrument. It was so funny how he remembered that he had something that resembled what the Elder was playing, and made sure he was in on the action too.

As you can see from this picture, Paula and Tyler got a little crazy with the chocolate. Yum....

Crazy Kids

A few weeks ago I was doing the dishes, and listening to Eric and his buddy Coltin play, when I hear Eric calling for me. So I fallow his voice to the other side of the counter to find them in their own little self made jails. They were both pretty proud of themselves until they wanted to get out!!!

Party, Party, Party

My brother, Jason with Callie and Tyler

Tyler caught the only fish. Lucky guy!

Callie and Tyler both said that they want to have a lazier tag party next year! I wish we had a place to play it closer to where we live....

On February 7th we went to TWO Birthday parties. They were both in the Mesa/Chandler area. We were going to go as a family, but Eric ended up getting sick, and Brian volunteered to stay home with him. The first party we went to was for my friend, Paula's husband. She arranged for a surprise lazier tag party for him. It was exciting for Callie and Tyler because they had never played it. After that we went to a party for my nephew, Zann. He turned a whopping 4 years old. His party was a fishing one, and we LOVE to go fishing, so we had a great time there also. I feel bad that I didn't get a shot of either of the B-day boys. I wasn't feeling well during that trip, so I had a hard time thinking strait!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On February 6 my sis-n-law Brandi Yarn had a little boy. They named him Madden. I got to go see him and snap a few pictures while they were in the hospital. I cant believe that in a few short months I'll be there with my new baby! WOW!!!

Christmas Day

All the Starkes grandkids doing a kids gift exchange. They always have one for the kids and one for the adults.

My parents, also at my sisters

Callie, after her little cousin Maddlyn gave her a makeover at my sister Maria's house.

Opening presents at Grandpa and Grandma Biglers house.

Christmas Morning -note: pictures are in reverse order

Christmas day was great. We spent most of the morning at home opening presents, visiting and eating a big breakfast. Then we went to the Biglers house.... It was really fun to see everyone there, and really kind of them to get us all gifts.

From the Biglers house we drove to Taylor to have lunch with my family. It was also nice to see, and visit with everyone there. I love it when we get a chance to spend time with my family. Sometimes it seems like there is 500 miles between Heber and Snowflake/Taylor, rather that 30......

From my sisters house we went back to Heber for a party at Brian's brother Brandon's house. He made us a really yummy dinner. Which was almost torture considering the fact that we had already eaten two big meals. I did my duty though and stuffed myself until I thought I was going to die! And, again we had a good time visiting exchanging gifts and enjoying each others company.

What a day! I cant believe I survived it. As crazy as it was I loved every min. of it, and cant wait until next year.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today I obviously took a break from updating my blog... But I do want to ramble for a bit about things that actually happened today.....
Today was spring picture day at the intermediate school (the school Brian teaches at) so I decided to take Eric over there so he can have a picture that matches Callie and Tyler's. We didn't go to the school until about 10:30, so as we were getting ready, I had him practice his "cheese face" quite a few times. He loves saying CHEESE, and has such a great smile he is nearly always willing to flash for the camera. I say "nearly" because he decided after we got to the school that he was done smiling on demand, and therefore we only got a half smile picture. It was still cute though....
Callie got her picture taken today also. She looked really cute, sporting a curly hair do. Callie has such great hair. It will do just about anything I want it to do.... Lucky girl.
Tyler's school pictures will be next week, which means he will need a hair cut.... I'm excited though, I cant wait to see how they all turn out.
Today was also scouts. We made bird houses, which turned out good except for the fact that I totally underestimated how long they would take to make, so Tyler's isn't quite finished....... Hopefully we will be able to finish it tomorrow. He had a good time though, and is anxiously waiting to start working on his car for the Pinewood Derby.
As scouts was wrapping up Donna (Grandma) called with really great news..... 1. She has another grandson on the way (Jessica is having a boy). & 2. She made us dinner!!!!! It was so yummy!!!
So.... we had a good day! Sorry if this post was boring. Its just nice to ramble sometimes!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a lot of fun things going on Christmas eve. Callie, Tyler and Eric had a good time decorating a log house that Grandma Bigler made for us. I had fun teasing Callie though, because she decided to paint the whole "log" house with frosting. Then Grandpa Bigler, I mean Santa came over for a visit. He makes such a good Santa... All the kids love him. After visiting with our kids, Santa took Brian to go visit other families. Brian said they had a lot of fun. Then it was off to bed, to rest up for the big day...... Well the kids got logs of rest, Brian and I stayed up late getting everything ready. Then at around 11:00 my brother Sam came over to stay the night at our house. We had fun visiting with him for a while before we went to bed.

Grandma Starkes

We love it when Grandma Starkes gets a chance to stop by. Here is a picture of Eric having fun with her.

TWO heads are better than ONE

The week before Christmas, Eric and his little buddy Coltin decided to put their heads together and find something a little funner to do with the baby formula, rather than use it to just make bottles. Lets just say that their opinion on whether or not they came up with a good alternative was a little different than mine!!! AHHHH!

Grandma Eighmey

In mid December we went to Phoenix for the sweetest surprise party I have ever attended. It was for Brian's grandma Eighmey. She was so sweet, she cried when she came home from church to find all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in her home. I know she was so grateful to have us all there. It showed me how important family really is. She said having all her family together made her year.

Decorating the TREE!!!

(I think Eric had the most fun decorating the tree. He would put things on and then take them off and put them back on all over again....)
Here is a few pictures of us decorating our TREE!!! It was so fun to put it up. I cant believe that three months has past since we did that..... I feel bad that I got so behind on our blog, so I'm going to try to get caught up today. Sorry that I have to back track so much!!!
P.S. I guess the pictures of the kids I babysit were taken a few days after we decorated it.