Sunday, August 29, 2010


I've been going though some of Jacobs clothes (a never ending task, it seems). Anyway, apparently Eric found the pile I set aside to be put away. Eric has been wearing this outfit (minus the hat) all day. He loves it!

What a nut! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another up-date

It's pretty sad when my last two posts have been titled "up-date" (both created months apart)! Oh well, that's my life I guess. I barley have time to think anymore, so taking time to record my thoughts has been out of the question.

Its hard to believe that it's almost September! Callie and Tyler both have pigs again for the fair. They are counting down the days until they can get rid of them. It's been a good experience for them, but it will be nice to not have the responsibility.

Callie is playing softball. I watched her first game yesterday, and they did really good. Callie pitched for part of the game. In Tyler/Brian's words, she didn't get her athletic abilities from me. I love that she is athletic, I wish I were more so ;).

Tyler loves going to school at CAPPS (4th grade). He likes being able to walk to school and come home for lunch.

Eric, Jacob and I are at home trying to get a routine back. I'm teaching Eric pre-school. (Finally my 20,000 student loan is paying off!)

I am pregnant! I am 13 weeks along and doing really good (other than being tired). It was not planned, but we are all really excited.

Brian is coaching JH football again. He loves it, but its hard to have him gone so much! We will both be happy when football season is over.

I have a ton of pictures. I need to post about birthdays, and a lot of other stuff. I look at other blogs and feel like a bad record keeper. I'll be better!