Thursday, October 7, 2010

Funny conversation with Eric

Eric and I had a funny conversation today. I thought I'd share it.

Eric: Is this bed going to be Jakeys bed?

Me: No, its going to be the new babies bed.

Eric: Oh, our new baby girl?

Me: Remember, we are going to have another little boy like you and Jacob.

Eric: Did you go to the doctor and get your tummy cut open and get a baby inside?

Eric: (With out waiting for a response) Why did you do that? Um, when I get big and when I'm a girl I'm going to have the doctor put a lot of babies in my tummy..... A lot of boys and a lot of girls.

Me: (Intentionally skipping his question) Well, you cant be a girl. Heavenly Father wanted you to be a boy.

End of conversation. Eric found something else to capture his attention. He is such a funny little boy. I love his age. He is turning into a big boy, but he is still trying to figure the world out.