Monday, January 25, 2010

Halloween 2009

I'm not sure where the time has gone.... but here I am trying to play catch-up with my blog again!
Halloween was a blast! Eric was soooo excited to be a tiger, we got his costume about a month before Halloween, so he had a lot of time to play with it and get pumped up about the big day. Jakey was a monkey..... He looked so cute with his BIG cheeks filling out the hood of his costume. Tyler was a vampire (again) I think he looked even better than he did last year (practice makes perfect)! And Callie didn't really want to dress up... It was the first year in her life that she didn't. She is growing up way to fast..... it makes me sad! In the end though she, along with her friend, Emma wore masks and went trick-or-treating together.


The Yarn Barn said...

about time you updated. keep it up