Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be my valentine?

My 4th grader, Tyler came home from school yesterday and said, "mom, we need to go to the store and get candy for my class party on Monday."

-Long pause....

"Ummmmm, and we need to get something like chocolate for my Valentine."

Well I was a bit taken aback and asked how he acquired this, "Valentine". He said that he asked her. Apparently all the boys in his class asked girls to be their Valentines, after all its just something kids his age do, he says.

I thought it was a bit funny. I went ahead and let him get her something, but I plan on keeping a close eye on this situation. A very close eye!


The Yarn Barn said...

Thats cute. Brian came home and was telling me about this boy in his class that asked a girl to be his valentine. The next day he came home and in shock told me the girl said yes. It was funny, he thought it was like a life time commitment or something.

Aunt Tiff said...

You're a nice mom! And yes...I would keep a close eye on that:)

debrajo said...

That's so cute! I remember SPECIFICALLY choosing the "I'm bananas about you" Valentine from my Aladin pack to give to the boy I had a crush on in 2nd grade. LOL! Oh, those Valentine Days are awesome. Young love!

Thx for your comment on my blog. I think you are so cute, and I'm so happy for your new baby coming, and I'm sure you'll drop the pounds you gained quickly. I feel your pain. :) Enjoy that baby every second you can!