Friday, November 21, 2008

Pack Meeting

Last night Tyler had a pack meeting. He, along with the rest of the boys in his group, got their Bobcat award, played a few games and had lots of fun. My favorite game (to watch) that they played was one where they rolled a little summer squash across the room with their noses. All the adults laughed really hard during this! It was also neat to watch him get his award. Brian along with Jed Reidhead held Tyler upside down, while I pinned his award to his shirt right side up. Then when he stood up it was upside down! Everyone counted while I pinned, and the scout master said that however many seconds it took was how many good deeds he would have to do for me. I GET 12 good deeds!!! YES!!! Remember Tyler, you cant wear your pin right side up until you do the good deeds :).