Thursday, July 16, 2009

Donald's Park

Not to long ago Brian was out of town, so I took Callie, Tyler and Eric to the McDonald's in Show Low to Eat and play. Eric loves to go there, he calls it "Donald's park" (I love how he says it). Anyway, as the kids were playing, Eric spotted a little boy around his age. This little boy was wandering around aimlessly, singing "do dood, do dood, do dood" so Eric walked up to him and said, "Hi Do Dood, lets play". Do Dood didn't acknowledge Eric, so Eric tried again, saying, "lets slide Do Dood". Do Dood still had no response for Eric, so Eric spit on Do Dood. I had Eric say "sorry" to Do Dood, and then we left. When we got into the car I tried to talk to Eric about how it was OK if some people didn't want to play. After I told him this, Eric got an angry look on his face and said, "I spit the Do Dood"! It was so hard not to laugh.
Eric still talks about poor little Do Dood. If you ask him where Do Dood is, he will say, "at Donald's park".


Blake, Leeanne, and Jenna said...

That is such a cute story! Wow, Eric sure is a little talker! You look so cute prego, I want to see more :). Your family is so so so cute. I miss talking to you, we will have to chat soon :). Love ya!! - Leeanne