Saturday, July 30, 2011

All About Eric

I dedicate this post to Eric.
Eric. Is. So. BIG!
Eric is Funny. He makes us laugh all the time.
Eric is living in the world of cowboyhood. I think it is so cute. I want to take him to a western store and buy him everything his little cowboy self desires.
Eric is loving. He is always quick to give hugs and kisses.
Eric loves to play with his "friends". I babysit a couple little boys his age and each morning when he wakes up he asks me if his friends are coming over.
Eric loves to help me cook. He always tells me he's my "cooker helper".
Eric is sarcastic. He loves to tell his dad that he loves the teams his dad hates.
Eric says sweet prayers.
Eric has the most beautiful eyes.
Eric is such a blessing in my life.
Eric had a b-day a few months ago, and is now #4. Because he has an April B-day, he barley made it into T-ball. He loved it. He actually wore his T-ball clothes today, and the season ended over a month ago!
I love you Eric!


debrajo said...

He is so adorable. I love that kid!

Those are cute pictures of him, too. : )