Thursday, November 17, 2011

Callie/ Update

Yesterday was a busy day for us. First, I took Callie to the Orthodontist to see if her braces were ready to come off. I was really hoping they were because with her head hurting so bad, we thought that it might help her feel better. I was excited when we were told that the top ones could go! It is so nice to see her pretty top teeth without braces. They really turned out nice.

Callie, was rather miserable though. Her head hurt really bad. She kept complaining that the left side of her head, and her left eye hurt the most. It seemed strange to me that it was hurting so bad because from her last vision test, her right side was worse than the left side. (Last month we were told that because pressure from the Psudotumor, Callie has some blind spots, which are worse on the right side.) Yesterday afternoon, I took her to the eye Doc. He found that her LEFT side has significantly worse blind spots, and her right side was only slightly worse. This was very disappointing . The Nero Doc saw the report this morning and called me. He said he wants Callie to see an Opthamologist, so that if she ends up needing surgery on her optic nerve they can be ready. I think I mentioned in my previous post that the most serious side affect of Psudotumor Cerebral is vision loss. The Nero Doc said that it shouldn't be a problem if we stay on our toes. He also said that if Callie has any vision changes (double vision, blurred vision, etc.) then to take her strait to the ER).

Today is my meeting with Callie's school teachers and principle. I am a bit nervous about it. I told the Dr. this, and he said that they cant fail Callie for being sick. I hope he's right.

On a brighter note, someone brought us some really yummy pumpkin bread. I think I've ate more of that than I should have.... Oh well we only live once right? Might as well eat all we can!