Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Callie's Pig

Callie is doing a pig for 4-H this year! She has been wanting to do one for a few year's now. So, after much waiting, she is finally getting to experience the joys of stepping in pig poop, remembering feeding times, and all the other smells and fun things that come along with having a pig. Luckily, she seem to be enjoying all of it. Tyler and Eric are also having fun with the pig. Tyler loves to get in the pin and help her feed it. While, Eric and I watch all the action from the car. Callie named her pig "Hammy" (Hammy is a boy pig). If all continues to go well, Tyler will do a pig next year when he meets the age requirement. He is quite excited about that!


Shawna said...

How fun! Bridget and Dustin are going to have one next year and they are so excited. Brings back memories of me growing up--fun times!!