Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update time!!!

I feel so bad that I took such a long vacation from blogging! I'm going to do my very best to get caught up this weekend.

So many things have been going on in our lives. First, I'll start with a pregnancy update. I am 32 weeks along!!!! I cant believe that in just a few short weeks we will be meeting this little guy. Its weird because on one hand I can hardly wait to be on the other end of my pregnancy, while on the other, I wouldn't mind being pregnant for another 6 months (and its not because I love all the discomforts of pregnancy)!!! I'm just a little apprehensive about the EXIT. I'm also nervous about what life with a new little baby will be like. I'm sure it will be wonderful to have a new baby around..... but will I do a good job with everything? Will I be able to balance a newborn with all the other things I'm responsible for? (I worry about this stuff a lot in the middle of the night).
As for the pregnancy, everything is going really good. I had a few problems in the beginning, but thankfully they seem to have been resolved. I still have a lot of contractions, but I'm beginning to think that these contractions are normal for me. They don't seem to be doing anything though, so I'm not that worried about them. When they get extra bad I try to lay down for awhile.
I'm also seeing a Endocrine Doctor for my pituitary glan. I have a little tiny tumor on it called a micro adnomia. I've had it for the past 7 1/2 years (that I know of) and its never been that big of a deal, other than causing minor hormone problems. I guess that these type of tumors can be a little unpredictable during pregnancy though, so its needs to be monitored a little closer. If it grows I will have to start taking medicine to shrink it right after I have my baby, which would keep me from being able to nurse. If it doesn't grow, I'll be able to nurse for the first two weeks, then I'll have to get an MRI to see how nursing is affecting it. If it still hasn't changed, I can keep nursing.... I really, really hope I can!

We have also picked out a name for our little guy....... We are going to name him Jacob Ian. It feels so good to have a name for him. I love how Eric refers to him as "baby Jake". Brian (being his sarcastic self) says he might change is name when he blesses him. I cant imagine him really doing it, but it is kind of funny to hear him joke around about it!

P.S. Donna showed these links to me. They are funny songs by Hillary Weeks. I LOVE her!!!


Crandell Memories said...

I have to ask... you said you would START the update with the pregnancy... but the WHOLE blog was about the pregnancy... what about the other updates? Don't hold out

Deni said...

Love the name Ginger. Hopefully we will see you this summer :)

The Yarn Barn said...

Dido, Mandy:)