Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poor Brian

Monday was such a crazy day! It started out with my sweet husband surprising me by bringing me home lunch. (He dropped it off and then went back to work.) About 20 minutes after he left I was at the sink washing my hands when I noticed there were emergency vehicles at the school where he teaches. (Its just down the road from our house.) So I decided to call Brian and and ask him if everything was okay. As I reached for the phone, it started to ring. It was the school calling to inform ME that Brian had choked on his lunch, and that he still had some food stuck in his throat, and they were getting ready to transport him to the hospital. Poor Brian, he told me later that he was eating alone in the teachers lounge when it happened. So he stumbled out and motioned to some kids for help, but they thought he was teasing and ran off. (He is normally so sarcastic; even the first teacher who saw him didn't believe he was really in distress!) Anyway, while he was being transported to the hospital I quickly found a couple really great people to help with the kids so that I could go to the hospital too.

Shortly after Brian arrived he was given some medication under his tongue which helped relax his esophagus mussels, which in turn made it so that he could clear his airway. Up until this point he was not able to swallow, and for part of the time he was only able to breath out of his nose. Then the Doctors decided to put a scope down his throat to see why he has such a hard time swallowing. They found that he has scar tissue built up around his esophagus due to acid reflux (which he didn't know he had). They also stretched out his esophagus so that his food can pass easier. Then they did a biopsy to make sure that the extra tissue was really only scar tissue.

Needless to say it was a very scary ordeal. I'm so glad everything turned out okay. From what I hear he will be getting a hard time from his co-workers. I guess he deserves it, especially because as I was trying to let everyone know that he was okay, he was in the background saying, "tell them that I passed".


Shawna said...

Poor guy! My kids said something about it but didn't have any details. I was wondering what happened. Glad he's OK!

Aunt Tiff said...

Glad everything is ok! I'm still laughing that one of his co-workers ate the rest of his burrito!!

Crandell Memories said...

this is so sad but funny at the same time. ALL of us kids choke on food and when it comes to steak or certain types of meat and ANY kinds of bread... FORGET it. Andrew thinks we all have issues, i say it it something hereditery because what are the chances of 4 kids out of 4 ALL have the SAME issue. Weird... So i guess i am the only one left to take a trip to the hospital for choking... brandi first then brandon and now brian... oh no, i better stop eating anything at all!

Brandon and Kelli Starkes said...

Ha Ha, I told Brian that the doctor said all the Starkes kids probably had small esophigas's and acid reflux but Brian made fun of me when the whole time he did...lol. Thats so funny because it was only 3 weeks after Brandon went through the same thing that Brian did. Poor boys, we should blend their food up