Friday, March 20, 2009

Brian's new BIKE

After my ultrasound on Tuesday, Brian and I stopped to look at bikes. (Brian used my bike a lot last year, so he thought it would be nice to have his own.) We must be really BIG suckers or something, because we not only ended up buying him a bike, but Eric got a trailer too! It was really cute to listen to Eric tell everyone, "I have a trailer". I'm really excited we got it too, because now he can come along with us when we ride. Also, there are two seats in it! This will be convenient because in no time at all we will have another little one to take along. Callie and Tyler are also happy we got it because now we will be able to ride as family.

We had to pick Brian's bike up the next day because they needed to tune it up, and he thought it would be cool to ride it home from Show Low..... I wish I could have recorded him talking about how excited he was to do this. He even went as far as to say he was going to ride his bike to Utah to see Brett and Deni this summer! I cant help but laugh when he says things like this, because I don't think he has a clue how hard that would be! Well I guess when he was saying it he didn't have a clue, but now he does..... After he was done with work the next day, I took him to Show Low and dropped him off. I don't think he left the shop until around 5:00, because they were still doing some work on his bike. Then I went to Walmart to do a little shopping. After that, I went to Jack in the Box and got him one of his favorite things: tacos, 6 of them, and just before I caught up to him at around 6:45pm I stopped and rolled all the taco rappers into our car windows. Then, as I reached him I slowed down and took a big bite of a taco. Now, you have to understand that by this time, he had been riding for 1 hr and 45 min.... He was almost half way home and he was cold and tired. He seriously gave me the funniest look I had ever seen! Then he made me pull over so he could eat the rest of the tacos (he LOVES Jack in the Box tacos). I offered to take him home, but he refused because he had already bragged to his class about riding home. About an hour later though, he called me because it got so dark that the car lights on the road were blinding him. Keith Bigler was the hero of the night because he took us in his truck to pick Brian up. Brian's bike computer said he rode 27 miles in 3 hours. Which is good considering that it was his first ride, he had to go up tons of hills, and part of it was in the dark. He hasn't talked about riding to Utah anymore though!!!

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Deni said...

Congratulations Brian!!! You will love having a bike.

We had some good laughs at this post. If you do decide to come to UT, Moab is a GREAT place for Mountain Bikes.

Kelli Starkes said...

Thats funny. When Brandon got off the phone with you he started laughing,

Jami said...

What's up with Jack in the Box Tacos??? My hubby loves those things and I can't stand to look at them. Congrats on the new bike, know I now where to send my boys for their cycling meritbadge:)

Shawna said...

That is SO funny. I'm impressed he made it that far. That would be fun to have enough bike equipment for the whole family! You guys will love it!

Marinda said...

I just told Reese that I wanted to bike with our kid when they get old enough. I don't think they make bike trailors for 3. I am pretty impressed by Brian and his first ride.