Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Weekend

About a week ago Brian and I watched the movie, "Taken"... It is one of those movies where you are on the edge of your seat the whole time. I actually need to use the bathroom about ten minutes into the movie, but I held it until the movie was over, because I didn't want to miss anything. (In my pregnant state, that is big for me :)) So, it was really good... but scary too, because I know that that people are taken for the very purpose portrayed in the movie. In fact on the same note, I recently learned that Phoenix has the 2 most kidnappings in the US. So, between watching the movie and learning this, I feel a strong need to be a little more protective of my children.

Anyway, to get to my point..... Callie was invited to go snowboarding with a friend on Saturday, which meant I needed to take her to her friends house at 6:30 am. Well, 6:00 rolls around and I couldn't hear her getting ready. (Callie is really good about getting up on her own.... she's definitely a morning person.) So, I get up and go to her room, turn on the light and.... no Callie. Sometimes she will go sleep by Tyler, so I looked in his room..... again, no Callie. I quickly look through all the rooms upstairs without finding her. That's when I notice a light on down stairs, so I figure she is down there. I walk through all those rooms, and find no sign of her. So I run up stairs, completely freaked out. I wake up Brian and explain to him how I cant find her. He asks if her snowboard and gear is still here, I say "yes its in her room". He jumps up and runs back toward her room, and I decide to look downstairs again............ Lets just say I felt dumb when I found her asleep on a couch that I had walked past 2 minutes before! I woke her up, and she said she had set the alarm on my phone, but it must not have gone off... I still feel a little dumb for that one. But for a minute I was scared out of my mind not knowing what to do. I feel so bad for all those parents who have experienced that kind of fear without finding their child two minutes later.

Now for the rest of our weekend. At noon on Saturday we went to a b-day party for Brian's nephew. It was fun to get out of the house and visit with other people for a while. I even tried my first ever hot dogless hot dog. They had hot dogs at the party and I didn't think my preggo tummy could handle one, but I was starving.... So I had a bun with everything on it but the hot dog. It would not be my food of choice, but it wasn't too bad!

After the party we went home and Eric and I took a nap. I got up before Eric did so I hung out with Tyler for a while. He and I decided that we needed to do something fun that night, so after we picked up Callie from her friends, we went to Pizza Time for pizza, then we rented a movie that we could all watch together. Tyler was the only one who ended up staying up for the whole movie. Callie, Eric and I fell asleep, and Brian got distracted doing something else. Good job Tyler for staying up!!!

On Sunday I was released form my scout calling... Which is a little sad because I really did like working with the boys in my group. But it was a blessing also because its really hard to do... because it conflicts with my babysitting. It was also hard at the beginning of my pregnancy and I'm sure it would have been hard at the end. After being released for that calling I was called to be the enrichment leader. I'm sure I'll enjoy doing that because I had that calling a few years ago when I lived in Snowflake. Brian and I still teach in the Primary also. So I'm sure we will still be as busy as ever.

Sunday night Keith and Donna Bigler along with Taya (Jessica's little girl) came over. We were all happy to see/visit with them. Eric loves Taya, so anytime she is around life is great for him. Donna brought us some really yummy cinnamon rolls too. They are soooo good. She takes such good care of us!


My brother, Sam also came over and ate a late dinner at our house Sunday night, and then stayed the night. It is so nice when he is passing though and can spend some time with us.

Monday morning: Callie, Tyler and Eric all ready to face another week!


Heather said...

You guys are so cute!! Congrats on being pregnant and your new calling. Where were you when i needed an enrichment leader? Hope all is well with you guys. Love you!