Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Christmas Day

All the Starkes grandkids doing a kids gift exchange. They always have one for the kids and one for the adults.

My parents, also at my sisters

Callie, after her little cousin Maddlyn gave her a makeover at my sister Maria's house.

Opening presents at Grandpa and Grandma Biglers house.

Christmas Morning -note: pictures are in reverse order

Christmas day was great. We spent most of the morning at home opening presents, visiting and eating a big breakfast. Then we went to the Biglers house.... It was really fun to see everyone there, and really kind of them to get us all gifts.

From the Biglers house we drove to Taylor to have lunch with my family. It was also nice to see, and visit with everyone there. I love it when we get a chance to spend time with my family. Sometimes it seems like there is 500 miles between Heber and Snowflake/Taylor, rather that 30......

From my sisters house we went back to Heber for a party at Brian's brother Brandon's house. He made us a really yummy dinner. Which was almost torture considering the fact that we had already eaten two big meals. I did my duty though and stuffed myself until I thought I was going to die! And, again we had a good time visiting exchanging gifts and enjoying each others company.

What a day! I cant believe I survived it. As crazy as it was I loved every min. of it, and cant wait until next year.