Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holy WIND!

It is such a windy day! I would rather it be windy any day of the week besides Sunday.... and today is, Sunday. Walking into the church building, Callie and I were holding our skirts down, hoping they wouldn't fly up, and luckily they didn't. The way out was much the same, only a bit different because as we let go to open the car doors POOF up they flew. Not only the front or back, but the whole thing! This happened simultaneously, and we both flew into the car, booth horrified and laughing at the same time! Luckily, we were the only ones outside because we left a little early (Callie had a headache). Unluckily, there was only one person sitting in foyer by the window who could have seen the whole thing. I wont mention any names (just in case HE didn't see)!!


Aunt Tiff said...

Sorry to say my dear...but yes my husband...BRANDON MARTINEAU....saw EVERYTHING!!! He was laughing so hard! The first thing he said after I got out of primary was, "Remind me to tell you about me getting flashed!!:) That is what you get for ditching church early!!!

Spencer-Kelli said...

That is sooo funny! That would be my luck to. Seriously that wind was HORRIBLE yesterday. Atleast there was nobody around,except for that (one) person. Which im sure he will never let you live it down. LOL!!

Jami said...

I HATE the wind, I would rather it rain or dump 10 inches of snow!!!! Thanks for sharing your "flashing" story - sooo funny:)